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Proper alignment is essential for your car’s optimal operations, efficiency, and longevity of your tires & mechanical parts. It ensures that your wheels are all pointing in the same direction and that your tires are making optimal contact with the road without swaying left and right while driving. If your alignment is off, you may experience steering difficulties, uneven tire wear, reduced fuel economy, or increased risk of accidents. Hence the reason why you alignment should be checked regularly and adjusted accordingly. At Kanata Wheels, we use state-of-the-art technology & equipment to perform precise & accurate alignment services for all types of vehicles including vehicles with modified suspension. We can also customize your alignment to suit your driving needs and preferences. Whether you need a standard or a performance alignment, we can help you improve your vehicle’s handling and stability.

Cars Starting at $120

SUVs & Vans Starting at $140

Trucks Starting at $160

Cars With Modified Suspension Starting at $200


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