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Welcome to Kanata Wheels,  top-notch alloy rims in Ottawa. Whether you’re looking for branded chrome rims, durable steel rims for Ottawa’s winter roads, or require precise tire balancing and handling, we’ve got your needs covered.


Add Some Flair to Your Wheels

Contact us and lets find the ideal rims for your vehicle! Our inventory suits various cars, trucks, and SUVs, ensuring a perfect match for Ottawa’s diverse drivers. Whether you’re eyeing used rims or seeking a fresh set, our selection caters to a range of preferences. Explore our dedicated tire rim shop in Ottawa and uncover premium rim choices that’ll elevate both the style and performance of your car.

At Kanata Wheels, our focus is on providing a tailored experience, delivering style and durability perfectly suited for your vehicle in Ottawa’s driving conditions. Let us guide you through our expertise in truck rims and used auto rims, elevating your car’s style and performance.


Why Choose Kanata wheels for Rim Services?

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Don’t let dull or damaged rims ruin your car’s look. Contact us today to schedule your rim service and get a free quote at (613) 836-8688 or fill out our online inquiry form. We look forward to serving you at Kanata Wheels.